From 1974, Li Lon Shiang Industrial Co., Ltd, (LLH) is a professionalIndustral furnace and kiln maker. Our furnace products application : ceramic ,glass, electronic ceramic , fine ceramic , powder metallurgy, gypsu ....etc.Temperature range from 200 Celsius up to 1800 Celsius, and spefcial for customerdesign. Besides, we also supply all of ceramic producing equipment include: ballmill, filter press, agitator, kneading machine, casting machine, refractort...etv.LLH have an own laboratory to study all customer needs. For the past 25 years, wehad installed more than 700 sers of furnace and /or kiln in Taiwan and over-seas.We also have a good experienced in exporting the whole sets of factory turnkeyfacilities. If you need more detailed information, please fell free to contact us.                     


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